Word Around Town

“Best Falafel in Melbourne”
Broadsheet Article – October 2017

“Tavlin is certainly a feast for the senses.”
Gastrology.Co – August 2017

“The food is honest to Middle Eastern tradition and uncomplicated in its execution.”
Broadsheet – July 2015

“Tavlin…serves delicious and authentic middle-eastern food. Think traditional spices, charcoal grill, fresh bread and authentic dips, sides and salads. The food is full of flavour and it’s a great place to share a home-style meal with friends and family.”
Olive Sundays
– May 2015

Doublecooked Blog – October 2013

“You could eat it on your feet, but it’s advisable to sit, lest you injure yourself from swooning.”
Good food guide – September 2013

“Dinner? Tavlin is a no-brainer for kebabs and hummus plates.”
The Age – July 2013